Health & Pasta

Discover why durum wheat pasta is one of the most complete and healthy foods.

A very complete meal!

Pasta was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It has a high energetic value with a considerable protein content. Caloric value is between 350 Kcal every 100 grams. Fat content is moderate (1%).

Pasta takes care of your heart!

Eating pasta is an optimum way to prevent against heart disorders.

Live healthier!

Pasta is full of Vitamin B and iron, has a low sodium content and no cholesterol. It helps to lower blood triglyceride levels if eaten regularly (-19% of the standard average).

Knocking down myths!

Pasta does not make you fat, nutritionists claim. There are no pathologies that justify the removal of pasta from the daily diet, not even overweight or obesity. It is worth remembering that 100g of pasta without seasoning provides only 350 calories. A correct serving of pasta seasoned with tomato and vegetables does not make you fat, and it helps you to avoid eating in between meals or high calorie food by lengthening the feeling of fullness.

Always a more cheerful mood!

Pasta improves people’s mood. Glucose released by starch stimulates the synthesis at the brain level of serotonin, the happy hormone, according to a study by IPO (International Pasta Organisation) nutritionists based on scientific evidences.

Pasta protects your organism!

Pasta protects your prostate. A group of investigators from Illinois University (Chicago), after performing a study with a sample of 32 men suffering from adenocarcinoma, established that, in order to prevent prostate diseases, there is nothing better than a good diet consisting of pasta with tomato. The research was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.